Wednesday, November 25, 2009

IIJ to Conduct Proof-of-Concept Testing for the Next-Generation Eco-Data Center

Testing the Practicality of Constructing an Eco-Friendly Data Center Using Japan's First Outside-Air-Cooled Container Unit Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ) (Nasdaq:IIJI) (TSE1:3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced that it will conduct proof-of-concept testing for building an environmentally friendly data center for the cloud computing age in cooperation with Toshiba Corporation (Toshiba), NLM ECAL Co., Ltd. (NLM ECAL) of the Nippon Light Metal Group, Nohmi Bosai Ltd. (Nohmi Bosai), and Kawamura Electric Inc. (Kawamura Electric).
They will build a modular data center with a cooling system that directly uses outside air, and operate it for one year starting in February 2010, with the aim of commercialization. This will be the first data center in Japan with a container unit cooled all year round by outside air.
IIJ had been considering the use of a chilled-water-cooled container unit, but with the trend in the United States away from water-cooled systems and towards the more energy-efficient outside-air-cooled systems, they realized that they could not focus solely on one single method geared towards environmental measures and improved power efficiency. They thus decided to embark on this test in order to find the most appropriate method for the installation environment.
IIJ will use its know-how (garnered from the operation of 15 data centers nationwide) to design a next-generation data center model that is aimed at achieving the scalability, low costs, and energy efficiency demanded by cloud computing. Based on this model, NLM ECAL will develop a container shell, with Toshiba supplying the outside-air cooling equipment, Nohmi Bosai providing the fire-prevention equipment, and Kawamura Electric providing the racks and power equipment.
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