Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Top 25 Companies That Are Going Green

To start with, following are 25 well known companies that are leading "go green".
Bank of America
Our Commitment Toward Sustainable Business:
We are experiencing an unprecedented turning point in history as we confront the question of sustainability: Can we thrive economically while preserving and protecting the environment for future generations?
At Bank of America, America's largest retail bank, our answer is an emphatic "yes."
2. Ceres

The world can no longer afford business as usual. We must begin to reward activities that assure our future, and discourage practices that degrade our environment and society. We must achieve a global economy that sustains not only the hopes of the 6.7 billion people on the planet today, but also the 9 billion people projected to be here in 2050.
3. General Electric
Ecomagination puts into practice GE's belief that financial and environmental performance can work together to drive company growth, while taking on some of the world's biggest challenges. Learn about the GE commitment to products and services that are as economically advantageous as they are ecologically sound.

4. Dopunt
DuPont™ Weatherization Products awarded “Green Approved” Product Seal. Several products from the DuPont Building Innovations portfolio have received the coveted Green Approved Product Seal for National Green Building Certification by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Research Center. Now, builders who use these “Green Approved” DuPont products can earn points toward certification to the National Green Building Standard™.
5. RiskMetrics Group (Previously Innovest Group)

“Energy efficiency and operating costs are certainly key issues for the industry” states Amy Hall, Senior Analyst and co-author of the Report. “As climate change discussions gain momentum, the role of buildings is being addressed by governments around the world. Emitting up to 40% of global carbon emissions, buildings will play a significant role in any climate mitigation strategy. As the risks and opportunities of green design become more strategically aligned with financial performance, early leaders are set to gain a competitive advantage over laggards.”
6. McDonalds
7. Home Depot
8. Anheuser-Busch
9. Pratt & Whitney
10. Starbucks
11. Wal-Mart
12. Tesla Motors
13. Coca-Cola
14. Enterprise Rent-A-Car
15. Toyota
16. Dell
17. Target
18. Brooks
19. Honda
20. Continental Airlines
21. Tesco
22. S.C. Johnson
23. Goldman Sachs
24. Hewlett-Packard
25. TJX Companies

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